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Deciding how to finance your next purchase is an important decision. Daniel Bauer have a wide range of funding options available, we are a broker and not a lender so we always have our customer as the priority.

We understand that every customer and every purchase is different, here is a short explanation of the most common funding options we offer:

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Hire Purchase

New & Used Vehicles

Maximum of 60 months

No Mileage Restrictions

Personal Contract Hire

New Vehicles Only

Maximum of 48 months

Fixed Mileage, excess charges will apply

Personal Contract Purchase

New & Used Vehicles

Used Vehicles must be less than 84 months old at end of term

Excess mileage charges may apply

Hire Purchase (HP)

The traditional form of car finance, you can choose to pay as little as no deposit and spread the cost over a maximum of 60 months, at the end of the agreement you will own the asset outright.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

This is a fixed-term agreement with monthly vehicle rentals in place of monthly payments, at the end of the fixed term you have the option to return, purchase or extend the term of the agreement in most cases.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Personal Contract Purchase is similar to a Higher Purchase in that you can pay a deposit (or no deposit)) which is then followed by monthly payments over a term. Where PCP differs is at the end of the term, you have a Guaranteed Future Value for your vehicle based on a mileage you set at the start of the agreement, at this point you can choose to purchase the asset, re-finance or simply send your car back at the agreed price. *excess mileage charges may apply*

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